JXN Local First, 152 W. Michigan Avenue, Jackson, MI - info@jxnlocalfirst.com LOCAL EVENTS Showing at the Michigan Theatre in June Dirty Dancing :: Sunday, June 13th at 2:00pm The Rocky Horror Picture Show :: Saturday, June 26th at 11:30pm Click here for more information   Consumers drive our local economies, so consumer decisions make a huge impact on local businesses. Here are some things you can do as a consumer. •  Think and buy local first. When you think of buying a product or service, check first to see whether there is a locally owned business that might meet your needs. From lawn mowers to lattes, there’s nearly always a local option. •  Lend your voice and your vote to public officials who make policy that is fair to all businesses. Tell your elected officials that all businesses—big, small, local, national, or international—should compete on a level playing field in Jackson. •  Spread the word about JXN Local First!  Ask your favorite locally owned business to register with us. •  Volunteer with JXN Local First. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and we can always use volunteers at events and for special projects. •  Donate to JXN Local First. Your tax-deductible donation is always welcome, helping us to conduct more outreach and education on behalf of local businesses as well as printing local directories and other operating expenses. You can donate securely online on our website. Get Involved as a Consumer Who we are... JXN Local First is a non- profit organization designed to support and promote locally-owned, businesses in Jackson County and to educate the public to the social and economic benefits of doing business local first. JXN Local First ©2009; All Rights Reserved Member Login Support